Map Paintings


The MAP Paintings were inspired by, and conceived with, an interest in place and what it meant to live and work in a particular city, Halifax, Nova Scotia, for an extended period of time. They are not perspectival images but layered surfaces that develop over a long period of time based on extensive research, reflection and reaction to the visual, physical, sensual and tactile elements of the city. A lexicon of imagery was built up through constant exposure to an environment that I recorded in a variety of media including digital imagery, which then underwent a slow gestation period. This drawing from life formed the template for the paintings and anchored them in reality. Having established a vocabulary, I then gave equal weight to the material and abstract qualities of the paint and the picture space, the process of making and the time it taken to carry out that process.

That process of creating the paintings reflected the idea of the journey, of travelling and moving through the city. We are directed physically by street signs and directional arrows and we follow designated routes and channels, coming across areas of congestion and periods of calm. Similarly, the paintings are complex strata of layers and lines, filled with minute details and incidents that energise the surface and call attention to edges and incidents and lead the eye around the picture. They are a combination of several narratives unfolding simultaneously. Repetitions, juxtapositions, rhythms and relationships form and end as they move across the surface.




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